TPAC makes a mark

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The 17th annual Truckers Parade Against Cancer (TPAC) was held Saturday, Oct. 14, boasting over 226 trucks participating in the event.

Since its implementation in 2000, the parade has been an iconic fixture in the Charlotte County Community and a leader in raising funds for the American Cancer Society.

Just like our county, chapters of the American Cancer Society all across the country raise money each year to fund and support cancer research while supporting patients. So, what makes Charlotte County so unique?

Well, according to the event’s organizer Bonnie Gilliam and Community Development Manager Kendall Brown with the Southeast Region of the American Cancer Society, TPAC is the highest earning chapter per capita in the United States.

For a community with roughly 12,000 citizens, as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau, Charlotte County is making its mark across the country and proving that great leadership and dedication can make a difference no matter where you are.

We commend TPAC for their ongoing efforts to fight cancer. So many citizens in our local community are affected by the horrible disease and TPAC provides an annual event to remember and unite those who have fought hard in their battle.

According to Organizer Sheila Dodd, the event raised $62,000 alone, not including the live and silent auction totals.

That is an astounding amount for a small rural county. This is truly a testament to the strength of our community and how anything is possible when we unite for a common cause.

Not only has the truckers parade left a mark locally, but individuals from near and far travel to be a part of the event. Charlotte County has even been a leader in inspiring other localities to do truckers parades of their own.

Thank you to Charlotte County for doing its part to help find a cure for the cause. Thank you to the organizers who so graciously spend their time on this large event each year and thank you to the truckers who participate. Without you, the event would not be possible.