Fall into a science career

Published 9:40 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017

In an effort to highlight career opportunities, the science department at Randolph-Henry High School (R-HHS) partnered with Gear UP to create a fall career display.  As students, staff and visitors enter the science wing, they are greeted with a scene that shows an array of job opportunities in the science field.

“Fall into a science career” is the theme and the hall is decorated with various science tools, signs, 3-D models — including an archeological dig site with bones, brushes and fossils — and fall decorations. Jaylon Hansen, freshmen, stated “There are so many different careers in science.”  Kendell Goldman and Kaydee Roberts expressed, “We like the way the careers are represented, especially the archeology display.”

The science department created this opportunity for students to learn more about science careers in an effort to stimulate career conversations with parents, peers, guidance counselors, and R-HHS staff. It is also a way for students to connect with other students exploring the same career opportunities after graduation. Kelli Mitter, senior, said, “This display is very interesting and encourages us to check out these careers including available scholarships, other fields connected to these careers, and spread the word about science careers.” The R-HHS science teachers felt with college deadlines quickly approaching and STEM careers on the rise, this display would be the perfect way to inspire students to seek out a science related field.