Fire department seeks support

Published 2:57 pm Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dear editor,


It is that time again where our annual fundraising letter goes out to our community. As in the past, we ask for your support.

Recently, we learned that our current station may be damaged and even dangerous. An engineer was contacted to inspect the building. His professional opinion was that all the structural deficiencies he observed are directly related to the supersaturated soil conditions under the building which is caused by both the adjacent flood plain behind the building and leaking storm drains under it. He also reported that if these conditions are not addressed in the near future, he feels certain that the building will eventually have to be condemned. Simply put, our building structure is failing.

As many may know, we have been saving for a station as the original station was built in 1949 and we have simply outgrown it. Our plans were to hopefully pay our current debts off first which may be 7-8 years. We may not have that time now. Other bills continue as well.

We are one of the busiest departments in the county because we also answer EMS (medical) call. We average a call a day. We will continue to serve you as always, we just ask for your continued support.

Remember, seat belts and smoke detectors save lives!


Kenny Tharpe

Drakes Branch