Phenix students learn about China

Published 12:32 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Third-grade students at Phenix Elementary School have been recently learning about ancient China. 

After reading several non-fiction books in the library, Mrs. Watkins, the librarian, invited a community member to share her knowledge of the country with the children.

Carolyn Wallace, a former teacher, came to the library and talked to the children about her father’s experience in China following World War II.  After teaching them the Chinese greeting for “hello,” she showed various objects her father had brought back to the states following his military service. 

Serving as a Marine, her father returned to the U.S. with many items. Hand-made silk handkerchiefs, kimonos and obis (sashes worn around kimonos) were a few of the items Wallace brought to share with the students. She explained that the reason many of these depicted dragons was because the Chinese thought the dragon provided them with protection. 

She also showed a beautiful painting her father drew of a dragon and some handmade jewelry. The students enjoyed seeing the various items and hearing about China.