Moore holds book signing

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Teresa Moore’s favorite college class was studying the complete works of William Shakespeare.

She said her professor approached her about considering a career in writing.

Moore said she was not sure how to respond at the time, and thought the professor was only being nice.

In college, Moore enjoyed writing and art, but was also fascinated by medicine, later becoming a physician.

“I am a writer and artist at heart, but I happen to practice medicine,” Moore said.

Despite the hectic schedule that comes with practicing medicine, Moore continued writing, submitting weekly columns about philosophical issues for five years.

To help some friends for a good cause and to further develop her confidence in her writing abilities, Moore sold copies of her recently-published book, “Life on Purpose,” at Charlotte Drug Co.

The book contains many of the columns Moore has written over the years, which explores moments in time where Moore finds humor, pain and lessons from life.

Proceeds of the book sales, Moore said, will benefit an organization looking to locate in Lunenburg County called Turning Point Healing Retreat Center.

The center is set to have holistic workshops, classes or forms of therapy, called modalities that would help veterans, those recovering from addiction and those experiencing health issues.

Turning Point Healing Retreat Center Board of Trustees member JoAnne Stugart said the center would use resources from the community.

Moore, who currently works with the Farmville Detention Center, previously held a book signing in the Town of Victoria and is set to have a workshop at the Full Circle Nature School during its fall festival in Farmville on Sept. 30.

She said she hopes the book will inspire people to look at moments in life a little more closely and find meaning in them.

“There are no answers in the book, only questions to consider,” Moore said, noting the book invites readers “to look inside, to look outside, to look everywhere.”