Hats off to the ladies club

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We offer our thanks to the Drakes Branch Ladies Club, which recently donated $3,000 to the Drakes Branch Volunteer Fire Department.

This donation is just one example of the support all of our volunteer fire departments receive on a regular basis. The dedicated, hardworking men and women of the fire departments in Keysville, Red House, Phenix, Bacon District, Wylliesburg and Cullen, along with Drakes Branch, receive continued and much-needed support from many organizations, residents and others who value the efforts of the agencies, which protect us from harm and save lives with no questions asked.

“We are very grateful for their overwhelming support throughout the years,” said Drakes Branch Fire Chief Kenny Tharpe regarding the recent donation. “The ladies work hard every week for us. Their donation is an important part of our yearly budget.”

On an individual basis, there are many ways we can support our volunteer volunteer fire departments.

We can support them by attending their events, whether it’s the upcoming competition in Keysville, a supper to benefit a specified fund, sending volunteers an annual donation or by simply offering volunteers a “thank you” when we see them in the grocery store or elsewhere.

Our donations and words of encouragement to the volunteers speaks volumes about our community.

According to Drakes Branch Ladies Club representative Nellie Garnett, the group sponsors weekly dances to help raise funds to benefit the fire department. “We just have the music down here and we donate half of the door to them,” she said. “We’re just doing that to help out.”

Just as we commend other groups who donate to our area fire departments, we commend the these ladies in Drakes Branch for their benevolence and generosity.