Saxe and Drakes Branch news

Published 9:26 am Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Birthday wishes to Keith Spencer Jr., Aug. 30, Roanoke; Simone Harris, Aug. 30, Keysville; Jesse Brok, Sept. 1, Germany; Jeanette Carter, Sept. 1, Abiliene; A’shiyah Nelson, Sept. 1, Chase City; Susie Randle, Sept. 2, Washington D.C.; Ricky Lacks, Sept. 2, Drakes Branch; Michael Ingram, Sept. 2, Lunenburg; Fannie Newcomb, Sept. 3, Charlotte Court House; Harvey Newcomb, Sept. 3, Charlotte Court House; Deborah Skipper, Sept. 4, Saxe; Lester Currin, Sept. 4, Saxe; Larry Brogdon, Sept. 4, Richmond; Mary Davis, Sept. 5, Saxe. I wish all of you many more happy birthdays. Happy birthday!

Anniversary wishes to Michael and Rhonda Ingram, Sept. 4, 2 years, Lunenburg. I wish you many more happy years together with God’s Blessings.

Get-well wishes to all of the sick and shut-in. I hope you all are well soon, up and about. You are in our prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

Sympathy to all of the families who lost a loved one recently. Our heartfelt prayers and good wishes go out to you in your time of need. Sympathy to the family of Irene Rickmond, of Saxe. You have our deepest sympathy.

Thought for the week: The most beautiful satisfaction in the world is when someone appreciates your work.


Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever. A wise man or woman makes his or her own decisions. An ignorant man or woman follows the public opinion.

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier. Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

Quick decisions are unsafe decisions. Waiting hurts, forgetting hurts, but not knowing which decisions to take can sometimes be the most painful.

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