Valuing our veterans

Published 11:31 am Wednesday, August 16, 2017

We commend our hometown-led Charlotte Primary Care (CPC) in Charlotte Court House for honoring area veterans last Monday.

Veterans and those who serve our nation in the armed forces deserve our unified respect, and this is one of many instances of how our community fulfills this mandate.

The event sought to support and salute area veterans in conjunction with an annual celebration that recognizes health care centers around the country.

Prior to a flagpole ceremony, staff of the center presented collages they made from interviews that they and some of their family members conducted with area veterans.

Staff interviewed 14 veterans for the projects, detailing their times in the service and the roles they played in defending our freedoms and liberties.

Susan Davis was interviewed by CPC staff member Alyssa Crosby. Davis said the interview meant a lot to her, having also gone to the center for doctor’s appointments.

“It really tickled me,” said Davis, who was a master chief in the U.S. Navy during a time where many women did not take such role. “I think it’s so wonderful that the place I go to for all of my medical needs took the time to know me. …”

While we agree with Davis that the projects were heartwarming, they’re more inspiring than anything, we think, because of the hope they bring others, including future generations of young people, who can learn more and document the sacrifices made by the men and women who’ve defended America.

CPC Assistant Site Director Mitzi Palmer said the center hoped this year’s event would help veterans in the area feel valued.

“We thought it would be a good time this year to recognize our veterans at the practice,” Palmer said.

We think the event was very successful in its mission to help veterans feel valued, not only through the thanks the veterans received, but for documenting their pasts for future generations to learn from in the years ahead.