Ruff: ‘I admit it, I am confused’

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I clearly do not understand the news stories that are coming from Washington rapid fire about the Russian efforts to affect the elections last year.  There is absolutely no question in my mind that the Russians made every effort possible to, in some way, tilt our election to their advantage. This would not be the first time foreigners have tried to affect elections.

Remember years ago, when European news media attempted to affect the election of then candidate Ronald Reagan by portraying him as a dangerous cowboy or when then candidate Barack Obama illegally received campaign funding by selling T-shirts in the Middle East at inflated prices with the goal of depositing that money in his campaign? It works both ways. Just a couple of years ago, President Obama tried to undermine the president of Israel during his reelection bid.

Returning to the issue of Russian influence, the evidence is clearly before us. 

Russian President Putin had a clear preference to elect the presidential candidate who would most likely serve his interests best.  The candidate that they had proved they could manipulate was, of course, Hillary Clinton.  From her famous reset button to the Clinton Foundation accepting tons of money in return for giving the Russians control of our nation’s uranium reserves, they proved her to be naïve as well as willing to act against the best interests of the United States.

Additionally, unless their pollsters were a lot better than American pollsters, the Russians would have been extremely stupid to make any effort against the universally acknowledged front running Clinton. Combining that with the concerns they must have had about a wild card candidate who might actually do something to counterbalance Putin’s hegemony in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

I am confused because I don’t understand why all the news is focused on Trump’s campaign figures and James Comey? Doing this while ignoring the actions of all the Clinton campaign financial activities for most of the last four years. Ignoring foreign cash from all around the world that picked up drastically after it was clear that Clinton would be the frontrunner as the next president. Confused because just two weeks ago, the Democrats were determined that FBI Director Comey must go. Suddenly, after Comey was fired, they became his most ardent supporters. 

Monday is Memorial Day. To some, it is the unofficial first of summer. Please reserve time on Monday morning to actually join together to commemorate those who gave up their lives in service to our nation.

Frank Ruff represents Charlotte County in the Virginia Senate. His email address is