Courthouse project progresses

Published 11:08 am Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Construction is at full speed and in full swing on the new $13.9 million courthouse project, located behind the existing clerk’s office in Charlotte Court House.

“The courthouse project is proceeding,” said Tim Burge, project superintendent for Skanska, the firm managing the project. “This month, we were able to pour the last concrete pour for the foundation of the main building.”

He said steel erection also began this month and masons were working to get the stairwells up so steel erection can be completed.

Decking and paved flooring will also be completed after the stairwells are constructed.

“Things are going fairly well, we think,” said Burge.

He said a lot of changes will be seen once the floors are poured.

Regarding the project, county supervisors recently agreed to a proposal from Skanska to provide additional on-site project inspection services.

According to County Purchaser/Planner Monica Elder, the previous contract provided two days of on-site inspection service per week provided by Skanska.

“However, we expect project activity to escalate on site,” Elder said.

She said Skanska’s proposal suggested on-site inspection services be provided four days per week instead of two.

“The cost associated with that is $43,000, so this would be a change to the contract we have regarding their project management services,” said Elder.

Last March, supervisors hired Skanska USA Building Inc. the project manager for the courthouse renovation.

The firm was hired for $260,000 after submitting one of nine proposals received for the project by supervisors.

“We would like for this courthouse to stand 200 years like the last one did,” said Red House/Cullen Supervisor Dr. Nancy Carwile regarding the project during the May board meeting.

Additional inspection began Monday and will continue throughout the end of October.

“Basically, because the scope of the work is expanding, we have an addendum to the project,” said County Seat Supervisor and Chairman Gary Walker.

County Administrator R.B. Clarke praised the firm for their dedication to the project.

“You’ve done a mighty good job so far and we appreciate it,” he said during the meeting.

According to its website, Blair Construction has completed courthouse projects across Southside Virginia.

This story has been corrected from an earlier version.