‘Reason to be extremely concerned’

Published 9:51 am Wednesday, May 10, 2017

When you looked at your recent tax bills from Charlotte County, did you have doubts if your money is being well-spent? I think it’s a common sentiment all taxpayers feel.

As someone who has been attending board of supervisors’ meetings, I can tell you I think we all have reason to be extremely concerned. 

How much do you know about the now adopted fiscal year 2016-17 budget? I expect very little.  There are no minutes of the budget meetings online. I believe this is in violation of the Code of Virginia which requires minutes of all open meetings. A budget workshop is an open meeting. Supervisors have been reminded of this and chosen to ignore. I guess a complaint to the Freedom of Information Act office is the only way to make the board chairman and clerk take proper action. Meanwhile, take a look online at Halifax County’s minutes and details of budget online. 

Why would the leaders of our county hold meetings at a time most citizens are working, and also not provide minutes of those meetings? Why are we being left in the dark?

I attended a 9 a.m. budget meeting.  Other than an item the sheriff brought up about salary increases, the main thing discussed was a change of vehicle for the R.B. Clark.  There was some discussion about the repairs at Eureka Elementary School that could cost over $3 million dollars, but more time was spent on the car, I believe. (It appears the car has now been purchased according the May invoices). 

As to the repairs at the school, I am alarmed. I think everyone knows we have a crisis situation with our elementary schools in this county. Bacon and Phenix are crumbling. How disgusting that precious little children are subjected to this. Eureka, the school most recently built, now needs over $3 million for repairs? It’s seems obvious that Eureka was built without proper oversight. 

Maybe because our leaders can’t decide what to do about the elementary school situation they are kicking the can down the road. I personally think there are those in power who want Eureka to remain regardless. At some point these same people will close Bacon and Phenix and build a consolidated school for those children somewhere.

Who will suffer?  You and I will because our tax dollars are being mishandled. However, who will suffer the most are the little children of Charlotte County who are being educated in less-than-acceptable conditions and will grow up to pay the tax burdens made by these leaders.

It’s a shame.

Kay Pierantoni is a Wylliesburg resident. She can be reached at kmpierantoni@gmail.com.