Saxe and Drakes Branch news

Published 10:41 am Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Happy birthday wishes are sent to Keith Freeman, April 20, Arlington; Jessica Saunders, April 22, Saxe, Sweet 16; Wayne Walton, April 22, South Boston; Arthur “Pony” Mosley, April 22, Richmond; Aliana Foster, April 22, Richmond; Ricky Freeman, April 22, Montana; Brandon Anderson, April 23, Brookneal; Linda Webb, April 23, Keysville; Mattie Allen, April 23, Saxe; Emma Puryear Ragland, April 23, Virgilina; Mary Alice, April 23, Charlotte Court House; and Cassidy Osborne, April 25, Saxe. I wish each of you many more happy birthdays.

Anniversary wishes are sent to Earl and Ella Moore, April 20, 49 years, Wylliesburg. I wish you many more happy years together with God’s blessings. Happy anniversary.

Sympathy wishes are sent to the family of Linwood Vaughters, of New Jersey.

Get-well wishes to all of the sick and shut in. I hope you all are well soon, up
and about. You are in our prayers and thoughts.

Thought for the week: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


The world is my country. All mankind are my brethren and to do good is my religion. Countries are well cultivated, not as they are fertile, but as they are free.

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