Business celebrates milestone

Published 12:41 pm Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Keysville Building Supply celebrated its 20th anniversary Friday with an outpouring of community support.

A large crowd of business owners and longtime customers attended the celebration, showing their support of the Keysville establishment.

The event included cake, a variety of refreshments, raffles and fresh stew provided by well-known stew master Clark Woodson, also known as “Heavy Duty.”

According to Keysville Building Supply co-owner Ashley Myers, the business first opened in 1997.

“We built everything from scratch starting in 1997,” Myers said.

Myers and Lacy Mylum are joint owners of the business.

“We had both worked for Mr. White, who owned White’s Building Supply,” Myers said. “Lacy worked for him for a long time and I worked for him for quite a while. Mr. White sold that business to Mr. Felton, who owned Boston Lumber and they changed it to White’s Building Center.”

Myers and Mylum worked at White’s Building Center for a couple years after the sale before deciding to open their own building supply store.

Currently, Keysville Building Supply has about 10 employees.

“We don’t have a lot of trinkets and things in here, it’s basically just (for) people that are either building a home, building a deck or something like that,” said Myers.

As a small business, customer support has been crucial to the success of Keysville Building Supply. 

“We’d just like to thank the customers for supporting us all these years,” said Myers. “That’s why we’re here.”