Kudos to the sheriff’s office

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, April 5, 2017

When it rains, it often pours, the old adage goes.

Late last week, it seemed to pour down for the good men and women who work in the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

On Thursday, a bomb threat was reporterd to the sheriff’s office threatening the county’s courthouse, which resulted in its evacuation, extensive searches and investigations by both members of the sheriff’s office and Virginia State Police.

About 24 hours later, on Friday, a threat of a bomb at Charter Oaks in Charlotte Court House resulted in more evacuations, searches, investigations and worry by members of the community and those involved in the investigations.

We offer our thanks, commendation and regards to deputies, investigators and other law enforcement officers from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and State Police for their response, investigations and extensive searches during both threats, which were unfounded.

While they may seem to be occurring more frequently, threats using bombs or other weapons are serious offenses that can result in serious charges.

The threats, whether they seem fictitious or realistic, are treated with the same sensitivity and seriousness by the sheriff’s office and State Police. They fully investigate each allegation or threat, exhausting resources to ensure the safety of the public. We should be thankful for their time and resources.

We commend the sheriff’s office for its professionalism in handling these threats last week and care shown to the community through their fast response and quick action.