Using our past to understand the future

Published 10:54 am Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, Feb. 18, the Central High Museum celebrated its 20th African American history anniversary at the Southside Virginia Community College’s Workforce Development  Center.

Over 100 guests were treated to an afternoon of music, songs and inspirational words.

The Blackstone Community Chorus gave powerful performances with their skits and songs explaining how songs and music helped African Americans survive the oppression of slavery and influence the contemporary and gospel music of today. Listening to the performers, you felt you were right there with them when they sang songs that only the slaves and the good Lord understood.

Many of the songs talked about gaining freedom with the Heavenly Father’s guidance and protection. The slave masters didn’t know that!

We were encouraged by Dr. Hezteine Foster to share and inquire about our history so future generations can know the struggles and experiences of their ancestors.

If you search deep and long enough, you can uncover a lot that may surprise and enlighten you. When you know and understand where you come from then you can go forward into the future.

In addition, it was a blessing to have young people participate in the celebration with songs and poems.

It is the goal of the museum to provide various opportunities for the youth to become involved in our mission of continual preservation and appreciation of African-American history in Charlotte County and beyond —your history.

Good food and fellowship were shared after the program.

Judy Moore

Charlotte Court House