Library Notes from Wylliesburg

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

In previous notes, Wylliesburg Library volunteers reviewed male New York Best Selling authors. In this edition of “Library Notes,” volunteers introduce female New York Best Seller Suzanne Brockmann.

“As her author biography states, ‘since her explosion onto the publishing scene more than 10 years ago, Brockmann has written more than 40 books and is now widely recognized as a leading voice in romantic suspense.’”

“Four of her excellent novels, found in our library, are ‘Into the Storm,’ ‘Hot Target,’ ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘Into the Night,’” said volunteers, citing Brockmann has won many awards for her writing.

“Come check out one of her books — you will be glad you did,” volunteers said.

The library is located on U.S. Route 15 in Wylliesburg.