Embracing the new

Published 9:57 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Change that comes to a locality, at times, can be difficult. That new thing disrupting the otherwise pleasant norm is often regarded as an unwelcome intruder. What can help facilitate the ultimate embrace of the new is understanding and approving of its purpose.
Charlotte County is in the midst of some change that, happily, has not been too difficult. The first stoplight in the history of the county is in the midst of being installed, and reaction to this news has been largely positive.

It is largely a welcome addition, at least in part, because its purpose is clearly understood — it will make the intersection safer.
Years ago, I remember riding with my dad through his hometown of Litchfield, Ohio, and watching him point out business developments that had sprung up in places that probably used to be open fields or farm lands. He noted how my grandpa — his dad — expressed sadness over these changes. His reasons for sadness probably just had to do with the loss of long-familiar surroundings.

Others might see the purpose behind replacing rolling hills and open country with stores and parking lots as simply a cash grab. This is surely a misconception in some instances, but it can still make it harder to embrace the new.

Safety being the purpose of the historic change to the county at the Crafton’s Gate intersection side steps such difficulties, as motorists and county residents have voiced concerns for years about the safety of that location, where numerous traffic crashes have occurred.

The new traffic signal is the recommendation for immediate improvement that came out of a safety assessment put together by a group of organizations and institutions including the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors, county administration, State Police, the Charlotte County Highway Committee and the Commonwealth Regional Council.