Gimble visits Post, talks recruitment

Published 6:29 pm Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Leaders with the  Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8902, headquartered in Keysville, gathered Thursday to discuss recruitment and increased its membership.

According to Quartermaster Garland H. Hamlett Jr., “this gathering of VFW officials is to reinvigorate recruiting and retention for the Department of Virginia and nationwide as well.”

According to Hamlett, the VFW “needs to grow in numbers. Right here in Charlotte County, there are probably 35-plus veterans who qualify for membership in our organization,” he said.

Hamlett said that membership into the VFW is selective, therefore, it is necessary to seek out possible members for recruitment.

The meeting was marked by a visit from VFW State Commander Tom Gimble.

There are three qualifications potential members must meet in order to eligible to join the organization, according to the VFW website. These include U.S. citizenship, current service in the U.S. Armed Forces or having received honorable or general discharge (under honorable conditions) and providing service on foreign soil or hostile waters.

“The VFW is trying to recruit as many combat veterans as possible …,” Hamlett said. He noted membership numbers have been down over the last few years due to “attrition, no interest, and members dying at an alarming rate.”

VFW Post 8902 is a service organization, which aids veterans throughout the community, facilitating a location for veterans to meet and interact.   

“We believe in being loyal to our country and serving our communities as well,” Hamlett said. “The VFW goes before Congress to testify and defends various programs that could affect the (veterans) community. We support our military by offering programs of support to deployed service members,” he said.

Hamlett called the VFW “a vital component to our country and community, and we need to increase our membership to continue our service.” 

Those interested in joining the VFW or those who want more information should call Hamlett at (434) 568-6451 or visit