Hopefully a preview

Published 5:12 pm Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The first beat of activity in connection to the Heartland Regional Business Park could be heard earlier this month with a momentous announcement by Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corp. (MBC).

MBC has partnered with B2X Online Inc. (B2X), a wireless internet service provider based in Salem, to assist with technical and customer support for the TV White Space (TVWS) Project, which aims to address the “Homework Gap” that students in rural areas face without access to broadband at home. The project is funded by Microsoft, the Virginia Tobacco Commission and MBC.

Haywood Hamlet, chairman of the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors, highlighted how the community will benefit from the service that will come out of MBC’s partnership with B2X, and it will also mean more opportunities for work in the area.

From its newly established office in the Heartland Business Park, B2X will offer technical and customer support and expects to initially create three to four jobs to support the initial build-out and operations of the TV White Space network in Charlotte and Halifax counties.

Heartland Authority Board Chairman Gary Walker said he and the board look forward to helping B2X grow their business at the park, and we commend them for their proactive approach.

We hope this first beat of activity will be the precursor to a steady pulse emanating from Heartland in 2017, and we encourage the authority to work hard and make it a priority to draw more business and industries to the park in the new year.