Celebrating the season

Published 10:21 am Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The wonderful thing about parades is that there’s never only one. Whether it’s New Year’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, people across America can find a parade taking place in more than one of the communities in which they live or are near.

That was certainly the case this past weekend as both Phenix and Keysville held Christmas parades. Charlotte Court House held a Christmas tree lighting as well.

Phenix’s parade took place Saturday afternoon — a clear but cold day — bringing out dozens of residents to watch as floats, vehicles, bands and more marched by. Keysville’s parade took place the night before, essentially bringing the lights of Christmas to town. It was cold in the dark but didn’t deter the many who came to see the sights. The lights warmed their hearts as they shone along the way.

Charlotte Court House may have had the right idea, though. Its Christmas tree lighting ceremony took place inside the historic courthouse. In some ways, this was a more somber event as Mayor Stephen Walker reflected on the community’s recent tragedies. But it also served as Walker’s chance to invite residents to serve that very community “in the spirit of Christmas.”

That is a joyful message, especially in the face of remembering lives lost.

Whether celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or some other marking of this special time, there are moments of excitement and moments of reflection.

This is as it should be as we celebrate the season in all our many ways.