Eureka students visit Walmart

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Conni Claybrook’s students at Eureka Elementary School have been hard at work learning about purchasing goods, comparing prices and getting correct change. To put their skills to the test, Claybrook took her students to Walmart in Farmville to purchase items for Operation Food and Friendship. While there, students were given a list of items and a budget to purchase supplies. They had to shop smart by comparing prices and getting the best unit price for their money. To finish out the day, students brought their own money to purchase lunch at Burger King and some items at Dollar Tree. Students continued to improve their skills by budgeting their own money to spend between the store and restaurant. Pictured are Eureka students, from left, Jackson Webb, Joseph Brown, Kentrell Harvey, Douglas Queensberry, Sania Brogdon and Tyler Wallace with Walmart representatives.