Supervisors continue to eat lunches

Published 10:44 am Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Last February, when it was brought to my attention that supervisors were eating lunch before each meeting and charging it to the county, I was angry. I, along with other citizens, spoke to the supervisors, asking and then insisting that they stop spending our tax dollars this way.

In July, more than 800 people signed a petition demanding three things of the supervisors. One of those things was that we didn’t want our tax dollars to buy their lunch anymore. We gave those results to the supervisors at the July 12 meeting. Channel 13 News thought it was important enough to cover on the news at 6, 7 and 11 p.m. The Charlotte Gazette wrote about the results. The Southside Messenger never reported on your wishes at all. Most importantly, supervisors have totally ignored the request of more than 800 taxpayers.

A few supervisors have stopped eating, but still vote with the others to approve invoices for meals. At the Nov. 8 meeting, they all voted to approve the invoice for October’s meal. The charge was $152.37.

When you pay your taxes this month, realize that each month, part of your tax dollars goes to pay supervisors’ salary; their insurances — health, vision, dental, life; and travel expenses. How do you feel about the fact that they also continue to make us pay for their lunches?

If you don’t want to do anything to change what supervisors are doing to us now, then be thinking of how you are going to pay your increasing taxes in the future. Think of the tax dollars the supervisors are spending on themselves that could be spent on our children. One or two people speaking up aren’t going to make the supervisors listen.

I think it’s wrong that supervisors said what was needed to get elected, but are now deaf to our wishes. If you are upset, take action. Here are some things you can do: Complain to your supervisors, write a letter to be published in this paper and attend the Dec. 13 meeting at 1:30 p.m.

If you take action, you can make a difference.

Ludy Collie is a Charlotte County resident and retiree of the Charlotte County Department of Social Services. She can be reached at (434) 454-0686.