Chi Chi: a colorful bird

Published 4:42 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lillian Duffie has a cockatiel named Chi Chi. She has a gray body, white front, yellow color on her face and orange on each side of her cheeks. When Duffie comes near the cage, Chi Chi will turn upside down and fly around. She doesn’t take Chi Chi out of the cage. Duffie has owned Chi Chi for 14 years. Chi Chi is approximately 90 years old and can live to be 150.

Before Duffie, another person owned Chi Chi. When the owner passed away, a family member gave her to Lois Snavely. When Lois went to a senior home, she gave Chi Chi to Duffie.

There are many species of parakeets. A parakeet is any one of a large number of small to medium sized species of parrot, in multiple genera, that generally have long tail feathers.

Many different species of parakeets are bred and sold commercially as pets, the budgerigar being the third most popular pet in the world after cats and dogs. Budgerigars are great companions for any age, and are easily trainable if bonded very closely with their pet parent.