October is Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Month

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October has been labeled Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Month.

With cooler weather here, the Phenix Volunteer Fire Department has offered, on behalf of local fire departments, the following fire safety suggestions:

1.  Change the battery in your smoke detectors. A good rule of thumb is to change them when the time changes in the fall.

2.  If a smoke detector is 10 years or older they should be replaced. Current building codes call for one in every bedroom and at least one on every floor. It is hard to have too many. Present day building codes also require the alarms to be inter-connected so that when one sounds they all do.

3.  Check fire extinguishers to see if it is holding its charge. They should be serviced every 5 years. Type ABC extinguishers are usually recommended. It is also recommended to have one in each vehicle.

4.  Check to make sure all flammable liquids are properly stored. They should be well away from any possible ignition source.

5.  Make sure matches are well out of the reach of children. Children playing with matches is one of the main causes of house fires.

6.  Have heating systems serviced on a regular basis.

7.  Keep appliances, especially clothes dryers, clean and free of combustible materials. Dryer lint is particularly flammable.

8.  If using a wood stove, make sure the flue is clean and all connecting piping is in good shape.

9.  Avoid using extension cords when possible. Many fires are of electrical origin.

10.  Finally have a plan in case your home does catch on fire. Make sure each room has two exits. Have someone responsible for a young child or elderly person. Practice “EDITH” — Exit Drills In The Home. Have a meeting place a safe distance from the home.

Checking all the above and using common sense should help make homes fire safe.