Hostlers show what real work is

Published 9:16 am Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Love is in the air around Keysville, as a new wedding/event venue has opened and has already attracted many bridal customers.

The 1752 Estate is located just past the Prince Edward County sign on the way to Farmville on the right, and we are excited to have the business come to our area. The business is owned and operated by Lee and Julie Hostler. The duo took the piece of land, which was overgrown with grass and bushes taller than windows at first, and turned it into a beautiful 118-acre property fit for any type of event.

They persevered day after day working to restore the property and create a natural setting that brides would love and people would adore hosting events at. We need that type of perseverance in our society these days.

Today we live in a world where people expect everything without lifting a hand to work. We live in a world where others think it is fun to dress as clowns and scare children, instead of working to make their community safer. Granted, not all people are like this — but, a lot are.

We need more people like Lee and Julie who bring hard work and dedication to our area in a small-business form. We need to teach our youth that you get what you put into a project; that the harder you work, the more sense of accomplishment and success will come from your endeavors.

If we continue to work that hard to ensure our youth do the same, our small-town community will prosper and lead us to a better society.