He’s got questions

Published 9:16 am Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Many watched all or part of last week’s Presidential debate. For me, it seemed that the questions asked and the various interruptions by the moderator were somewhat imbalanced. Maybe a better format would be to let the candidates ask each other questions. At least that way each would get the same number of tough questions.

For example, it could go something like this:

Mrs. (Hillary) Clinton could fairly ask Mr. (Donald) Trump why he has not released his tax returns. This is a fair question, which he could respond to in any way he wished. As well, he could point out how silly it is that candidates are expected to release private information that is not relevant to the race. 

Of course, the point of asking candidates to release their taxes is simply to comb through them to find something embarrassing as happened with the Clinton’s return in 1992 when they reported that their meager charitable giving included donating Bill’s used underwear to Goodwill. Or in 2015, when the Clinton’s reported that 93 percent of their charitable giving was to the Clinton Family Foundation. A foundation created to pay travel expenses and they consider that as charitable giving.

Most likely the goal is to embarrass Trump for not paying as high a percentage in taxes as some would like. I suspect that he is in the same situation as Warren Buffett, who brags that he pays less than his secretary. The reason being in many cases is that the rich already have enough in their accounts from past years of success. Therefore, they can divert current resources into new enterprises rather than income.

It should be noted that millions from foreign funds ended up being sent on to the Clinton Foundation in this country.

Frank Ruff represents Charlotte in the Virginia Senate. His email address is Sen.Ruff@verizon.net.