Pettus, Liston should be thanked

Published 8:47 am Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dear Editor,

As longtime residents of Charlotte County, we are passionately committed to is history, past and future.   

Over the years, we have witnessed attempts to destroy this very special place. With other concerned citizens, we protested the damming of the Staunton River for hydroelectric power (which we believe would have had no advantage to the county but would have destroyed thousands of acres of prime farmland). We have seen attempts to allow hog factories, landfills and solid and medical waste sites to be built with no long-term guarantee our water and/or land would not be contaminated. 

All of these projects were introduced before the facts were taken under consideration by concerned citizens.

We now face the proposed Courthouse Square changes. Along with many other caring citizens, P.K. Pettus and Kathy Liston have put their hearts and souls into trying to keep abreast of these plans. With no axe to grind, no glory to obtain, they have committed a great deal of their time and effort on this project.

They have studied the blueprints, met with architects and historians and tried to keep apprised of the actions of our government with the hope the changes being made would be the right ones for now and for the future. One would have thought their knowledge and talent would have been welcomed by the board of supervisors. 

But, instead, in many cases they were ignored and lied to.

We are fortunate to have these two very intelligent women working to preserve the courthouse and the square.

We owe P.K. and Kathy a note of appreciation for their leadership and vision.

Read and

Ann Charlton