CCPS leads in region

Published 10:54 am Thursday, August 18, 2016

Charlotte County Public Schools’ 2015-2016 Standards of Learning (SOL) scores show an increase in the science and math categories, according to state Department of Education data released on Tuesday. The other three categories — english, writing and history — declined slightly from 2014-2015 school year to the 2015-2016 year, in the all-student subgroup across the district.

The science and math scores increased by one and two points, respectively.

Superintendent Nancy Leonard said Charlotte County ranked first in writing, history, social studies and science over the other 11 divisions in region eight. The county ranked second in mathematics and third in reading, Leonard said.

“I am very proud of the performance by Charlotte County students,” said Leonard.

On a community school level, each of the county’s five schools saw increases and decreases across the various categories.

Randolph-Henry High School, Central Middle School, Phenix Elementary School and Eureka Elementary are all fully accredited, Leonard said.

She said Bacon District Elementary made the math benchmark this year but failed to reach the benchmark in reading. Because of this, Leonard said, “Bacon District did not achieve fully accredited status.”

However, Bacon did see increases in english and math as high as 10 points.

Leonard said, “with Bacon District’s improved scores, we hope that Bacon District will achieve a Reconstituted School status by VDOE (Virginia Department of Education),” She said she hopes VDOE recognizes Bacon’s continued improvements and significant gains.

Phenix Elementary school saw decreases as high as 10 and 11 points in the english, history and science categories, but saw a five point increase in math.

Eureka Elementary scores stayed consistent in math and history, but decreased by six and eight points in english and science.

Central Middle School scores declined across all categories, and Randolph-Henry saw an increase in students passing in math, history and science.

In all categories, except for english, the county exceeded state averages.

At a state-wide level students achieving proficient or advanced level on reading, mathematics and science SOL assessments increased by one point according to a release by VDOE.

“Of the commonwealth’s 1,822 public schools, 915 improved in mathematics, 904 in reading and 939 in science,” VDOE said.

“SOLs are not the most important element of providing a good quality education for students but SOL results are a good indicator that learning is happening and our children are mastering the curriculum,” Leonard said.