Showing our support

Published 4:59 pm Wednesday, July 27, 2016

As you will see on page 12, we have gathered a page of businesses and people who wanted to show their support for our area law enforcement officers.

The officers of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police and the Town of Drakes Branch’s one officer are all to be commended for their efforts in always keeping us safe. But, we wanted to show a special thank you to them with the page because of recent police shootings around the U.S.

We sometimes lose sight of the things that our officers do to keep us safe, and we shouldn’t because they are important. Those officers put their lives on the line everyday. Granted, some days are as safe as ever in our county — however, that is not always the case.

Some days are hard, risky and take a toll on our community officers’ lives. They see things that some of us wish to never encounter. They have to make quick decisions if someone is threatening another life. They have to be cautious and aware at all times so they do not miss a beat.

They are hardworking people. They are our protectors. They are to be thanked.

Therefore, to all law enforcement officers in our county — thank you. Thank you for your service, dedication and most of all, thank you for volunteering to be responsible for the safety of those in this area.

You are supported, not by a few, but by many.