Evans repeats as state bull riding champ

Published 12:17 pm Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ty Evans continues to prove a significant challenge for any bulls looking to throw him off.

The 11-year-old won his second career state championship as a bull rider in the Virginia Junior Rodeo Association (VJRA) earlier this year in Lexington. “I was excited I won this year and can’t wait until I ride again,” Evans said.

He was competing in the Maverick Division, which his mother, Jenny Evans, noted is for second- through fifth-graders.

“I was proud of him,” Jenny Evans said of her son’s latest achievement. “I was excited for him.”

To win the state title, Ty had to score the most points out of all the riders, and the scoring system is unique.

“Half the points go to the rider, half the points go to the bull,” Jenny Evans said.

Ty and the other riders had to ride the bulls for six seconds, covering the bull during that time. If they did that, the number of points they earned depended on what the bull did during those six seconds, which refers to the technical difficulties of the ride.

“If (the bull) comes out and runs, it will be a lower score than if he comes out and bucks,” Jenny Evans said.

While bull riding may not be the pursuit of the average 11-year-old, Ty has been passionate about it for years.

“He eats, breathes and sleeps it, so he loves it,” Jenny Evans said. “His bull barrel in the backyard, he practices on that. His little brother also rides, and then he has two cousins that ride and my brother was a professional bull rider — that’s how he got into it.”

Her brother is Brad Buckler, whose influence led to Ty riding in the Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association (SEBRA) at the age of 7.

Jenny Evans said that with SEBRA, Ty rides in Gordonsville every second Saturday.

He started riding in the VJRA when he was 8.

His mother admitted to being somewhat nervous when she sees him compete, but she said, “I’m kind of used to it because I grew up around it.”

She is usually working the video camera while her husband gets Ty ready to ride.

And Ty already has his future plans set.

“He tells me like every day,” Jenny Evans said.

When he’s 18, he wants to begin trying out for the opportunity to be involved with the Professional Bull Riders.