Not goodbye, but see you again

Published 1:11 pm Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last week, Gazette devotional columnist Adam Blosser announced that his column would be his last due to his moving to Spotsylvania to take a job as pastor of Goshen Baptist Church.

Blosser titled his article, “Goodbye, Charlotte County.”

We at the Gazette don’t say “goodbye” to Blosser. We instead say “see you again.”

Blosser began writing for the Gazette after the paper was sold to Farmville Newsmedia LLC in late July. He never missed a week that he was supposed to have his devotional columns in, and he even worked hard to turn them in usually a month in advance.

It was not only a joy to work with Blosser because of his organizational skills, but also because of his attitude on life.

There was never an email sent to the Gazette when we weren’t thanked by him. He was thankful for the opportunity to be included as a writer in our paper and we were just as appreciative.

We enjoyed our time reading his columns, as they brought a spiritual light to the newspaper. We loved hearing our community rave over his columns that made them think a little harder.

So, when we see the word “goodbye,” we don’t think of Blosser. We think of someone who is leaving for good, someone we may never see again.

Instead, we will leave it at “see you again” because we will want to see and read Blosser’s column some day again.

We wish him the best of luck at Goshen Baptist Church and we hope that Blosser will visit again.