‘Take me out to the ball game’ … Or not

Published 3:49 pm Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How nice is the weather we have been having?

It is sunny and bright for fun days on the lake, playground or at a Dixie Youth field … usually.

It seems as though times have changed, and the good ole’ times on the ball field shared between children has lost its innocence while gaining more competitiveness by coaches.

There is nothing wrong with a little competitiveness. It brings out a better game on most days, and sometimes gives viewers a chance to see more athleticism on the field.

However, there is a line when it comes to competitiveness — especially with coaches.

Coaches are on a team for a reason in Dixie Youth — to teach young players the fundamentals of the game, and to also show them how to have a fun time playing a game they love even when they lose.

It seems as though there are coaches in Charlotte County who have crossed a line and forgotten what Dixie Youth sports are all about.

As a coach in Dixie Youth, you are expected to be a teacher, a role model and a leader. If you cross the line, you may be teaching those players that crossing the line is something that is OK. When in reality, it isn’t.

We want to remind coaches that you are there for a reason. Don’t forget that kids look up to you.

They mimic you and want to be like you.

If you take competitiveness to the next level as a coach and lose your temper in front of those players, what do you expect will happen?

You could toss a few curse words towards another coach while on the field. You could lose your cool and even say things you don’t mean or even strike someone.

Does that help you gain a sense of accomplishment? No.

Does that make you feel better about the situation? It shouldn’t.

But, does seeing a struggling player finally hit a perfect ball make you feel accomplished? Most likely!

Will it feel good to see your team show sportsmanship to a phenomenal team that deserved to win? It should.

That is why coaches should coach in Dixie Youth. That is what our county needs.