Wherever I go, there I am…

Published 1:11 pm Thursday, June 16, 2016

“Wherever I go, there I am…” This familiar truism phrase can be traced back to Thomas a’ Kempress in 1444 A.D. Some of us, including myself, have used it to mask, repress or simply shrug off the pain of our broken lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we are unable to make a divine connection to our creator, we tend to head into a downward spiral into a dark abyss of our own making.

However, in the deeper essence of our soul, we somehow realize this connection to the divine is the only thing that will allow us to have more expansive growth and a sense of contentment. This personal relationship with a higher power of our own understanding then becomes the foundation for our lives and all of our affairs. I became keenly aware of this on my recent visit to Paris, France … ‘Wherever I went, there I was.’

As I drank in all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that Paris had to offer, I recalled where I had come from as well as well as how far I had come! There I was from a small rural community in Charlotte County, in the city of love. Paris, France!

Now, even though I had left and returned to my home many times, my inward journey has always pulled me beyond what was offered in Saxe. My soul would weep and tug until I not only listened, but obeyed what the spirit was guiding me to do. As an African American, and a woman, I have encountered and experienced the same old prejudices, discrimination and cultural biases everywhere I have traveled. I have been to Richmond, Nashville, Chattanooga, back to Richmond, New York and now back in Charlotte County more than once. But now, here I was in Paris and my divine connection had taken me all the way to this beautiful and amazing city, and, most importantly, no matter where I went, there I was.

The trip was exciting and transforming; freedom never tasted so good. I was showered with love and acceptance. And I knew at my gut level why such noted African Americans such as Josephine Baker and James Baldwin and many others, had made France their home. I was a tourist, and my heart was pounding with excitement and joy like I was 10 years old! Not only that, but how “Positively Inspired” was I for having listened to my divine inner wisdom, which has now empowered me to inspire others to unite the journey to self-awareness and embrace “wherever you go, there you are.” The end result will be contentment and peace.

I was deeply touched by the graciousness of all Parisians wherever we went. Everyone greeted us with smiles and impeccable service. The honoring of all races from all across the world and other visible gestures of acceptance allowed my heart to sing a new song. I felt the absolute oneness of all humanity. My companion and I strolled along and enjoyed all of the important sights each day. We were in divine awe as we viewed the Mona Lisa at the Louvre (before the flood), the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and strolled down the Ave des Champ-Elyees in the sweetness of an afternoon rain shower. They were all amazing places!

But alas, it was the French people who captured my heart. They proved to me that wherever I go, there I am … ‘cause I saw the face of God in all of humanity. I now know we all are loved and accepted just as we are all over this planet. I saw myself.

Yemaja Jubilee is a Charlotte County native and a co-founding artistic director of Cultural Libations. She can be contacted at landNluv@aol.com.