God’s grace in Leviticus

Published 8:48 am Wednesday, May 25, 2016

When reading Leviticus, it is easy to focus on the endless list of laws God gives. It is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. But as I read Leviticus 11, I am overwhelmed by the grace of God. I see at least three examples of God’s grace in Leviticus 11.

First, I think it is important to note that God gave His people food to eat. We can sometimes focus so much on what the Israelites COULD NOT eat that we forget about all of the things they COULD eat.

We do the same thing in talking about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil found in Genesis 3. God gave His people all of trees in the garden from which to eat (Genesis 2:16-17). There was only one tree from which they were not to eat.

The same is true in Leviticus 11. God created a wide variety of animals. Certainly He told His people that they could not eat certain ones. However, this left a wide variety of animals that they could eat. God’s gracious provision is seen in this way in Leviticus 11.

Second, we see that God told the Israelites what was unclean. He could have kept this information to Himself. He could have allowed them to unknowingly defile themselves. Yet He graciously told them what not to eat. God desires a relationship with His people. He sought to prevent them from defiling themselves by giving them the information they needed.

Finally, we see that God made a way for them to be made clean. This is perhaps the most gracious act of God seen in Leviticus 11. God told them what not to eat and/or touch. But He also made provision for them to be made clean if they defiled themselves. He told them exactly what they needed to do to be made clean.

This, of course, reminds us of the cross. It reminds us that we are all unclean. God has told us what to do to walk in righteousness. We often fail and defile ourselves. Yet God has made a way for us to be made clean through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

We can be reconciled to God. He has poured out His grace on us in the person of Jesus Christ. Do you see God’s grace in Leviticus?

Adam Blosser is the pastor of Drakes Branch Baptist Church. He can be reached at adam@drakesbranchbc.com.