Resident reunited with lost wallet

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A lucky Drakes Branch resident was recently reunited with a prized possession after a good Samaritan found his wallet containing a large sum of cash at Fast Fuel 2 in Drakes.

Who returned the wallet is a mystery to David Burton and the community. “I would like to know who it was,” he said. “It was very strange to happen like that.”

According to Burton, the incident occurred while at the gas station.

He has no knowledge of when or how the wallet was misplaced until authorities returned it to his home.

Burton said he was shocked to discover that he had lost his wallet, but even more surprised when he realized all of the money was still inside.

“Someone that put gas in the car had to have seen the wallet lying at the pump and took it inside,” he said.

Burton said the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office was notified by an attendant at the store of the wallet. “I don’t know who the attendant was,” Burton said.

Fast Fuel’s Fauzi Muthana was working when the wallet was discovered.

When asked about the discovery of the wallet and what prompted him to notify authorities, Muthana said, “That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

Burton said there are still nice things happening in the world and in Charlotte County. “Critical times are here and we need encouragement wherever we can get it,” he said.

Originally from Mecklenburg, his family purchased a farm in Drakes Branch in 1943, and he returned to the family farm in 1997 after staying in Newark, N.J. for many years.

Burton said he has found there are a lot of nice people within the Charlotte County community.

He said he still wants to know who the good samaritan was that turned his wallet in at Fast Fuel 2.

David Burton can be contacted at (434) 736-9635.