Southside School of Dance has new location

Published 12:35 pm Friday, May 6, 2016

The Southside School of Dance recently moved to a new location at 117 King St. in Keysville.

According to co-owner Tammy Tipton-Nay, “classes have been ongoing since the beginning of 2016. The building in which we are located was opened in 1936 as the first theatre in Keysville.” Previously, the Southside School of Dance was located at 244 King St.

Tipton-Nay said the current location of the studio was formerly known as “The New” theatre, which was named after a theatre in London.

“The theatre is being renovated into what will be a center for the arts in Keysville,” she said.  “The Southside School of Dance is the first to locate there and we are looking forward to the future and plan to be recognized and known as the ‘The New’ Southside School of Dance.”

Tipton-Nay said there are plans to potentially include an art gallery, live performances and media production.

She said dance studio owner Joan Tipton has held 41 recitals in Charlotte County.

The Southside School of Dance will present its dance concert, “Why Dance?,” at the Randolph-Henry High School Auditorium on Saturday, May 14, at 3 p.m. The concert will be under the direction of Tipton and Tipton-Nay. 

“Our favorite memories were when we were teaching together every day at the studio,” said Tipton-Nay.

“We have had so many wonderful families, second and third generations that have been dedicated and so gifted.”

Tipton said the new studio has provided a lot more teaching space and the students love the new location. “We’re thrilled with it,” Tipton said.

Lazy Daisy Flowers and Gifts will occupy the old location of the dance studio on June 1. Currently, Lazy Daisy is located at 142 King St. in Keysville.