Phenix Safety Patrol recognized

Published 11:31 am Thursday, April 21, 2016

Students at Phenix Elementary School were recently recognized as leading the forefront in safety with their safety patrol initiative.

The program is a part of the AAA School Safety Patrol Initiative. According to the organization’s website, “the role of the AAA School Safety Patrol is to organize and teach dedicated student volunteers to direct their peers in safely interacting with school traffic.”

Members of the safety patrol at Phenix were recognized by the school board for their continuing efforts as leaders.

“It is a vital component of our character education program at Phenix to have safety patrol, and also for our leadership program at Phenix Elementary,” said school Principal Dr. Ann Nelson. “The younger students look up to these fifth graders who are chosen and often express, ‘When I get to be a fifth grader, I really want to be on safety patrol,’” Nelson said.

AAA’s website stated that the role of the safety patroller is to direct children and not traffic. In addition, the patrollers serve as role models while learning about traffic safety. Nelson said the patrollers are ambassadors for the school.

“They are greeters who each morning greet the public … and help the children as they enter and dismiss in the afternoon,” she said.

The patroller must go through several weeks of training after being selected as a member of the safety patrol, according to Nelson.

“The student body is made aware of who they are and the honor that is to be chosen,” she said. The program is in full swing by the second month of school. Nelson said the school attempts to rotate students throughout the year so many of them are able to participate in the program.

“I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of our safety patrol officers for their dedication throughout the year to our students that they serve,” said Phenix Kindergarten Teacher Chris Jones. “In particular, I’d like to address a student who has displayed a great amount of respect, has a great attitude towards her responsibility and has maintained her high grade throughout the entire school year.”

Safety patrol officer Helene Kimlick received a special award from the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety Education and AAA Mid-Atlantic for her leadership, dependability and academics. Kimlick was nominated by Jones for the award.