Your freedom of speech is under attack

Published 11:56 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I write this dire warning as an alarmed citizen. This has nothing to do with politics. I will state a few facts, all of which can be verified with little effort. I am not in love with any presidential candidate, including Donald Trump. But my, your and his rights were just shredded.

On March 11, a speech to be given by Trump in Chicago was cancelled by Trump over concerns that a mob of a few hundred “protesters” might turn violent. A crowd of possibly 25,000 people were there to actually hear Mr. Trump speak. The concern arose after it was learned that many “protesters” had obtained legal inside tickets, and they planned to disrupt the speech by any means necessary.

What every American needs to know is that nearly all of the “protesters” were a rent-a-mob provided by MoveOn.Org. There was absolutely nothing spontaneous about them being there. They were sent there to shut down a political campaign. They were there to stifle free speech, to deny Trump his right to speak to 25,000 very diverse Americans.

These “we won’t let you speak” mobs have become an everyday event at many colleges. The tactic is nothing new, but it will only get worse in America if most citizens don’t recognize truly radical groups whose objective is to prevent you from speaking or hearing what they do not approve of.

Second, I want to express my deep outrage at all but one of the other presidential candidates who basically said, “Ah, wellllll, Mr. Trump’s words do upset some people.”  Wrong! The First Amendment guarantees Trump has the right to say what he wishes to whom he wishes. Period. Trump, and especially his audience, are victims!

Finally, what candidate at least said the mob was wrong? Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the mob was supplied by, a group created in large part by Hillary Clinton to “help” the media Move On past all that silly impeachment talk involving Bill Clinton late in his presidency.

Larry Sass is a guest columnist from Charlotte Court House. He can be reached at