End times instructions

Published 1:19 pm Friday, March 18, 2016

Matthew 24 is a chapter that often elicits significant debate concerning various perspectives on the end times. There is a lot that we don’t know from this passage, likely because God never intended for us to use it to develop extensive charts and make sure predictions concerning the last days. But there are some things that we see very clearly in Matthew 24. I want to focus this devotional on a few of those things.

The first thing that stands out to me is the promise of false teachers in verse 5. The New Testament is full of warnings concerning those who seek to lead the people of God astray. Such is not unique to the last days, but this verse seems to indicate that that kind of thing will only increase.

The reality that false teachers have always existed — and will always exist until Christ returns — should motivate us in our efforts to know God’s truth through His Word. It should also cause us to be alert.  The Bible is our standard of truth. If it contradicts God’s Word, it is false. May we be people who commit ourselves to God’s truth.

The second thing I notice is the promise of persecution. This also is something that Jesus promised throughout His ministry. It is not unique to the last days. Jesus experienced persecution. His disciples experienced persecution. Countless Christians around the world today choose daily to follow Christ even though it may cost them their lives. Certainly persecution will increase in the last days, but it is not unique to a certain period of time.

Finally, I want to point out the uncertainty Jesus left His disciples with concerning the timing of His return. This was not by accident. Jesus did not intend for them or us to know when He will return. But that hasn’t stopped people from creating prophecy charts and attempting to predict Christ’s return. 

Ignore those predictions. Jesus told us that no one knows when He will return.

May we cling to the reality that Christ will return. And may we ignore man’s predictions in favor of God’s instructions.

Adam Blosser is the pastor of Drakes Branch Baptist Church. He can be reached at adam@drakesbranchbc.com.