Habitat comes to Charlotte County

Published 8:39 am Thursday, February 18, 2016

Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity recently announced the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the Farmville affiliate and the Charlotte County Partnership. The partnership will offer affordable, exterior home repair services through Habitat’s program called “A Brush with Kindness.” Jen Cox, president of the Farmville Board, said “I believe this program will provide support and resources to residents of Charlotte County who are in need. I am grateful to the dedicated volunteers who had the vision to start ‘A Brush with Kindness’ and I look forward to a great partnership.”

The program aims to assist low-income homeowners who due to age, disability or family circumstances are unable to maintain the exterior their homes. “We are really excited,” said Rev. Justin Hicks, partnership chairperson, “that Habitat is partnering with the Northern part of Charlotte County. We have been working hard on the organizing work and now are ready to get our hands dirty with ‘A Brush with Kindness’ projects. We believe in what Habitat is doing and cannot wait to see the impact this will have on our communities.” 

Susan Smith, a Farmville Area Habitat board member, has met with the Charlotte Steering Committee since last September guiding the formation of the partnership. “The enthusiasm and dedication of the Charlotte Steering Committee is wonderful” said Smith, “and I look forward to celebrating their first home repair project soon.” 

To be a part of the Charlotte County Habitat Partnership as a financial sponsor or a volunteer, contact Hicks at (434) 568-5400, justinhicks@vaumc.org or Susan Smith at (434)394-2284, ssmith@hsc.edu.