County adopts PPEA guidelines

Published 10:09 am Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Charlotte County Board of Supervisors has adopted guidelines governing its involvement in the Public Private Education Act (PPEA).

In light of the proposed consolidated elementary school, “PPEA is another way to procure for public entities,” said Charlotte County Public Schools Division Superintendent Nancy Leonard. “At a previous board meeting, the board of supervisors requested that the school board come back with a more reasonably priced option for improving our school facilities.”

After the school board attended a variety of conferences and embraced learning opportunities, Leonard said the board members gained a better understanding of PPEA. 

“One of the first questions that architects frequently ask is, ‘Has your county adopted PPEA guidelines?’” she said. “That’s an option that is off the table unless your locality has adopted the guidelines.”

Leonard said many of the surrounding counties have already adopted these guidelines.

“I think giving the school board the option and the tools to work with doesn’t obligate us to do anything,” County Supervisor Gary Walker said. “We’re not promising anything, but we are giving the tools to work with.”

Leonard provided supervisors with information outlining the pros and cons of the proposed PPEA process as a construction method.

According to RRMM Architects of Roanoke, some of the advantages of PPEA include the possibility of private-sector financing, minimal up-front costs and the ability to fast track the project.

RRMM said some of the disadvantages to PPEA are that “private financing may increase total project costs,” and the contractor having the ability to control “purse strings in value engineering.”

Leonard said she is not requesting that the school board move forward with the PPEA process; however, she said she would like PPEA to be one of the options available for consideration by the school board.

RRMM architects said PPEA guidelines consist of standard procedures that will be followed prior to receiving proposals under the act.

“Thank you so much for your consideration and approval,” Leonard told supervisors.