In His great love, he takes joy

Published 5:38 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2016

“He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses.” Matthew 8:17

There is at large an indictment by man against God. The masses have conceived a jury and decidedly announced that God is on trial, in a world where relativism rules and each man is the center of his own universe, prideful man is presiding as judge.

The charge? On what basis does mankind accuse God?

Imagine the scene, a courtroom filled, a prosecutor has been enlisted and appointed. The room buzzing, a quiet chattering can be heard and it’s obvious the room is divided. From the rear, in walks the defense and court is in session.

The charge is finally read out loud: God Himself has been brought before the court of all  mankind, His character is in question.

The prosecution begins and ends its questioning with one inquiry, and then sits down with confidence. 

If God truly is good, all powerful, loving to the undeserving, then why does so much suffering and sickness abound?

The courtroom explodes upon this statement. Many shouting out in agreement, claiming that civil suits have been filed, awaiting retribution for loved ones, whom they represent in their absence. Claims of mistreatment by His representatives, and even personal railing is made by those claiming, “He isn’t who He claims to be.”

Those seated with the defense are no less vocal. Shouting back, that none of those accusing even know the defendant.

Finally after some time, the judge bangs the gavel and demands that everyone allow the defendant to respond to the question.

Ok. So I’ll pause here and say I completely understand that this is ridiculous. The scenario is impossibly exaggerated, and to properly represent anyone who would even agree with the line of questioning that I propose, would say if God would just show up in a courtroom or anywhere for that matter.

It’s His apparent absence and lack of concern that trouble most people. To put it plainly. It would be much easier for everyone to believe that God exists if He would just show Himself.

The other, and equally ridiculous, angle my proposed courtroom supposes, is that we have the right to put our Maker on trial.

Yet isn’t this really the question everyone at some point faces? Is there a God? If so, and He has the ability, then why doesn’t He do something about _______.

For this scenario I’ll fill in the blank with, sickness. So the question then is, “Why doesn’t a good and all-mighty God remove sickness?”

Listen, even many believers ask this very question. The answer? What does God respond? He did. He did destroy sickness. Matthew 8:17 says that.

That’s the response, however unpopular. He did. So then what is the answer to the age old indictment I mentioned earlier? Court is certainly still in session.

Take the antidote, receive the Lord Jesus as Savior through faith. God did not create man sick, there wasn’t any in the garden of Eden and there isn’t any in Heaven. It may be  presumptuous for man to ever call God to account. However, in His great love, He takes joy in allowing our lives to be called as exhibit A in defense of His goodness.

Trinity Gospel Church will hold an anointing and prayer for all who need healing on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m.

David Malcom is the pastor of Trinity Gospel Church. He can be contacted at