Away in a manger

Published 5:12 am Thursday, December 17, 2015

A star led the way for magi and shepherds alike. The heavens declared, and the humble and noble alike were intrigued to see the birth of the One who would change all things forever.

Those that came to celebrate the birth of the Christ, however, didn’t venture to a palace or a kingly estate. They came to find the humble servant kind inaugurated into this world in little Bethlehem, the city of David.

As spectacular an event as it was the Christ, the King of kings, would be brought forth as He would live humbly and most obvious not to those of great regard, but to any who would seek Him.

Luke tells us there was no place in the inn, so they laid Him in manger. Lowly beginnings for the One who would humble Himself to the point of death. Meek and mild, perhaps.

Be careful, however, not to let the celebration of Jesus’ incarnation pass you by without seeing the extraordinary significance in the amazing truth that God became a man.

That He Himself took on flesh, and the Bible says abolished sin while He resided inside of it.

Don’t allow the hallmark movies and nativity scenes rob you of the sobering reality that What Jesus inaugurated that starry night was a lopsided battle against the principalities of darkness. Imagine that. God took on on our behalf the flesh of mankind being born in the same manner as any other man and all of the forces of the enemy trembled at the sight of a infant, that the first time His name was announced in the crib, every knee bowed in Heaven and on Earth.

The child not yet weaned had established a transfer from enmity between man and God and brought with Him all the power of the Kingdom of Heaven, fulfilling the prophecy promising that there would be enmity between the woman’s seed and the serpent, and that that Seed would crush the enemy’s head.

That in Him, God and man are reconciled. His immaculate birth, made it possible for all mankind to also receive a supernatural birth, to be born again, born of the Spirit. Born anew by the love of God, into a brand new life.

How glorious a sight the virgin’s child. How powerful this humble King.

David Malcom is the pastor of Trinity Gospel Church. He can be contacted at