Saxe woman distributes oxycodone in presence of child

Published 8:50 pm Friday, December 11, 2015

A Charlotte County woman was recently sentenced in Lunenburg County Circuit Court to one year in jail for distributing oxycodone in the presence of a child.

Shannon Marie Loflin, 27, of Saxe, was give the 12-month sentence on convictions of distribution of a schedule II substance and felony child neglect. Both convictions are felonies. An additional nine years was suspended.

Lunenburg County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement said Loflin sold 10 oxycodone pills on July 17, 2013 in an investigation conducted by the Tri-County Narcotics Task Force under the supervision of Lunenburg Deputy Sheriff Brian Burns

The task force waited a year until other operations being conducted at that time were completed before indicting Loflin on Feb. 2.  She was arrested Feb. 10.

Loflin’s felony child neglect conviction stemmed from a child was in the car during the transaction, Clement said.

Loflin had no prior criminal record except for two similar offenses that occurred in Charlotte County during the same time period as part of the undercover investigation.

The sentencing guidelines called for a mid-point of one year and five months, and a sentencing range of nine months to one year and seven months, Clement said.

Clement said he believes the judge took into consideration Loflin’s claim of a severe addiction to the painkillers herself, and her claim that the undercover operative purchasing the pills from her was a friend whom she thought was desperate because of pain he was supposedly suffering.

Loflin also received a one-month sentence in Charlotte County, where she also lost custody of her children, Clement said.

Loflin’s suspended nine years is subject to conditions of good behavior for 10 years, in addition to supervised probation for two years, counseling, warrantless searches for five years and restitution to the Virginia State Police for the $100 “buy-money.”