Something has to be done

Published 11:44 am Wednesday, December 9, 2015

As Charlotte County residents are fully aware, Crafton’s Gate intersection is one that often has a lot of accidents and safety scares for drivers.

Although the Virginia Department of Transportation has made the effort to simplify the intersection by installing flashing lights and turning lanes, for some, the roadway is still hard to figure out. Many say that they do not know whether to stop or go at the lights, or who might have the right-away.

Many find themselves in accidents that could have been avoided at the light, that they blame on the confusion the flashing lights bring.

The Gazette believes that something has to be done at the intersection, though not fully for the reasons that are listed.

Yes, the intersection has proved to be a problem because so many people do not feel safe near the intersection and constantly worry about getting hit by other drivers. But, that doesn’t mean that VDOT is the culprit to blame everything on.

It could help to install stoplights at the intersection. That would solve the confusion of either stopping or proceeding with caution. It would make a lot of sense to have stoplights at that intersection, compared to any other intersection in the county. However, the real problem is ignorant or inexperienced drivers.

We can make all the changes in the world, but accidents will still occur if drivers who aren’t paying attention are still on the road.

These certain drivers are the ones who are in a hurry and figure they can get across the road while another vehicle nears. They are the drivers who put others’ lives in danger because they are texting and driving or speeding while not paying attention that someone is crossing the road.

Therefore, as the community continues to voice their opinions of an improvement needing to take place at the intersection, we need to do what can be done in this moment.

We need to be cautious driving through the intersection. We need to watch other drivers closely and be alert in case they do something unexpected like pull out in front of another vehicle. And, most importantly, we need to educate those who do not understand the intersection. That can be done by word of mouth, writing a letter to the editor or looking up sign meanings.

As always, the Gazette encourages drivers to be safe on all roadways, especially at Crafton’s Gate.