Accidents continue to plague Crafton’s Gate intersection

Published 8:03 am Monday, December 7, 2015

Just shortly after the existing flashing lights at the intersection of Crafton’s Gate Highway and Kings Highway were rotated, accidents continue to be a problem for drivers.

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, at around 7:40 p.m., Samantha J. Coleman, 19, of Chase City was driving a 2002 Toyota 4Runner when she struck a 1992 BMW traveling east, according to investigating officer Trooper J.D. Gregory.

Watson was attempting to cross the eastbound lane of Crafton’s Gate Highway. The BMW was driven by John G. Watson of Meherrin, Gregory said.

There were no injuries in the incident. Coleman was charged with failure to yield the right of way.

According to VDOT Representative Kevin Wright, the existing flashing lights at the intersection were turned horizontal instead of vertical on Nov. 19.

Wright said the adjustment was intended to help confused drivers who may think the flashing lights are a traffic light that will soon turn red.

A recent request from the Charlotte County Board of Supervisors suggested the installation of dynamic flashing lights, Wright said.

Dynamic flashing lights would only activate when another vehicle is pulling out and display a warning message.

However, Wright said the request is still going through the scoring process and a final selection will not be made until spring.

People sitting in the median at the intersection continue to be an issue, according to Wright. He predicts dynamic flashing lights will help the situation immensely.