Pageant winners crowned over weekend

Published 6:29 pm Sunday, November 29, 2015

On Saturday, Randolph-Henry High School auditorium saw a packed house for the Miss Charlotte County Pageant, under the direction of Alene Crews.

Contestants modeled an assortment of casual wear, party dresses and evening gowns throughout the competition. Some also had to perform a dance, go through an interview process and all contestants had opportunities to win Miss Photogenic.

This year’s results are as follows:

Tiny Miss Charlotte County

7th Runner-Up:  Hayley Dickerson

6th Runner-Up: Bridglee AnnAlyce Malsberry

5th Runner-Up: Emma Grace Tucker

4th Runner-Up: Jamie Birdsill

3rd Runner-Up: Emily Gosney

2nd Runner-Up: McKenzie Grace Black

1st Runner-Up: Kaylin Tucker

Winner: Kinley Dean Jackson

Miss Photogenic: Emily Gosney

People’s Choice: Emma Grace Tucker

Miss Babydoll: Emma Grace Tucker

Junior Miss Charlotte County

5th Runner-Up: Vivian Alexandrea Eason

4th Runner-Up: Emily Kelley

3rd Runner-Up: Kandace Rutledge

2nd Runner-Up: Makayla Seamster

1st Runner-Up: Savannah Birdsill

Winner: Kariann Tucker

Miss Sunshine: Emily Kelley

People’s Choice: Makayla Seamster

Most Photogenic: Makayla Seamster

Miss Central Middle School

7th Runner-Up: Ansley Scarlett Napier

6th Runner-Up: Emilee Robinette

5th Runner-Up: Chesney LeeAnn Currin

4th Runner-Up: Kerstin Dyer

3rd Runner-Up: Emily Elizabeth Shook

2nd Runner-Up: Jenna Leigh Newcomb

1st Runner-Up: Carleigh Paige Shook

Winner: Sierra Allen

Miss Sunshine: Sierra Allen

Most Photogenic: Jenna Leigh Newcomb

Miss Randolph-Henry

6th Runner-Up: Kathena West

5th Runner-Up: Tori Washington

4th Runner-Up: Lizzie Powell

3rd Runner-Up: Sydney Nichols

2nd Runner-Up: Caitlin Lloyd

1st Runner-Up: McKenzie Bishop Sharpe

Winner: Kaitlyn Tharpe

People’s Choice: Kathena West

Most Photogenic: Kaitlyn Tharpe

Miss Charlotte County

4th Runner-Up: Katelyn Rumaker

3rd Runner-Up: Que’Nisha Pleasant

2nd Runner-Up: Shelby Nicole Dunnaway

1st Runner-Up: Megan Nicole Garrett

Winner: Katie Paige Garnett

Most Photogenic: Katie Paige Garnett

Miss Congeniality: Megan Nicole Garrett

Top Interview: Megan Nicole Garrett