Reward for reading

Published 9:51 am Thursday, November 5, 2015

On Oct. 30, Wendy Elder’s class and Melissa Dotten’s class were treated to a Mini Fall Carnival by Allyson Watkins, the librarian. 

Both classes met their Accelerated Reader goals. In order to accomplish this, each student had to earn an average of 85 percent or better on the tests he or she took, read on the book level and meet a points goal.  The students were invited to the library to decorate cupcakes and estimate how many acorns were in a jar.

Then, the group went outside to enjoy the wonderful fall weather with a couple of autumn-themed games including a pumpkin roll relay, a pumpkin pass game and a birdseed relay race.

Everyone received a treat bag for being such a good sport and a great reader.