DMV warns of rain and leaves

Published 9:34 am Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall is a time of cooler temperatures, beautifully colored trees and perhaps a less-than-perfect drive.

Changing weather is just one of the elements that can face motorists in the fall season. The weather can change rapidly from bright and sunny to cold, wet and gloomy. The hours of sunlight are fewer.

Sometimes, cold mornings lead to foggy conditions, particularly in hilly terrain and near bodies of water. What does this mean for motorists?

All of these factors mean that driving can be dangerous.

Wet leaves or frost may lead to slick road surfaces.

Fog may limit visibility. Encounters with deer may be more frequent.

What can you do to keep yourself and others safe?

Here are a few tips: slow down and keep your distance from other vehicles; use low beam headlights so you don’t create additional glare; clear leaves and frost from windshields to increase visibility; frost on your windshield could mean frost on the roadway — be alert on bridges and overpasses; watch out for wildlife, especially in the early morning and evening hours; check and maintain tire pressure.

The bottom line is drive safely.