Halloween fun in Pamplin to benefit Gleaning for the World

Published 9:11 am Thursday, October 29, 2015

On Saturday from 6-8:30 p.m. Farm Use String Band will be hosting a Halloween Dance at the Depot on Main St. in Pamplin. This popular monthly event will feature a chili dinner provided by PALS (Pamplin Area Legacy Supporters), which will be offering dinner, drink and dessert for just $5, with any unsold chili to be offered for purchase in bulk at the end of the evening. PALS volunteers will be offering a variety of chili options including vegetarian, traditional and chili with and without beans. Farm Use will provide all the musical entertainment the evening will need.

In addition to the chili dinner, Farm Use String Band is also sponsoring a collection of new, unopened first aid supplies to be donated to Gleaning For the World; such first aid supplies are often the first line help in the troubled spots where Gleaning goes to offer aid, and this collection effort can assist them in the amazing work they do every day both in our community and around the world. Band aids, gauze, first aid creams and other unopened First Aid supplies will be accepted for donation to Gleaning so grab a bag and bring some aid to Gleaning and to the world.

Costumes are encouraged for this Halloween Monster Bash, but are optional.

“Madam Ma’Dam,” palmist and future-predictor, will also be in attendance at the dance.